Fine Arts Events & Tickets


Fine Arts Events & Performance Schedule

2020欧洲杯足球比分the following events are scheduled fine arts key dates for the 2020-2021 school year.

*Please note: These dates remain subject to change and Episcopal's Fine Arts programming will include certain restrictions due to the COVID-19 Operational Plan2020欧洲杯足球比分. Attendance will likely be limited to immediate family of performers. If there are changes to the schedule and location of performances, those changes will be communicated on this page and via the Episcopal Insider throughout the school year. There are no indoor events planned on the Munnerlyn Campus at this time. Therefore, all events that are scheduled are weather dependent.

You may reserve tickets for Episcopal’s Fine Arts performances on this page. Tickets go on sale approximately one month prior to a show opening.

Fall Variety Show: Fans of Masks Since 500 B.C.

Kirwan Flag Plaza, Munnerlyn Campus 

Thursday, November 12
Friday, November 13
2020欧洲杯足球比分Saturday, November 14 

Christmas Concert

Jangro Stadium 

2020欧洲杯足球比分Friday, December 4

Middle School Play

Wednesday, January 27 
Thursday, January 28
Friday, January 29 

Middle School Art Show Opening

2020欧洲杯足球比分Wednesday, March 3

Dance Concert

Wednesday, March 3
Thursday, March 4

Senior Art Show Opening

2020欧洲杯足球比分Thursday, April 22

Band Concert

Thursday, April 22

Choral Concert

April 27

Fine Arts Awards

May 6

If you have questions about Fine Arts at Episcopal, contact [email protected].

Preferred Seating Tickets

2020欧洲杯足球比分preferred seating ticket packages get you front and center seats to a season of performances in the munnerlyn theatre as well as reserved seating at additional events.